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  1. Thames Ironworks F.C. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thames Ironworks Football Club, the club that would later become West Ham United, was founded by Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Co. ...
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  2. 1895–96 Thames Ironworks F.C. season - Wikipedia, the free ...

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    "In the summer of 1895, when the clanging of "hammers" was heard on the ...
    en.wikipedia.org/.../1895–96_Thames_Ironworks_F.C._season - En caché
  3. Archivo:ThamesIronworksFC.gif - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Used as a source to depict the original Thames Ironworks F.C. squad that ...
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  4. Imágenes de Thames Ironworks F.C.

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Alan Smithee ha dit...

hola , som les puces de la platja i ens agrada el rock and roll i el futbol anglès.